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Meet The Team


To become member, please read SWGGSR ByLaws to find information about your organization's eligibility for membership in SWGGSR. Complete the member application form and email it to SWGGSR Membership Committee Chair Mike Martinez

SWGGSR Participants


Bell, Suzanne

West Virginia University

Berk, Robert

Illinois State Police FSC Chicago       

Crippin, James

Western Forensic Law Enforcement Training Center

Crowe, Carol

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Cavaleri, Joseph J

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.
DeGaetano, Douglas

Department of Forensic Sciences

Drugan, John

Massachusetts State Police

Davis, Russ

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation         
Garcia, James

U.S. Army Crime Lab

Giacalone, John R.

State of Alaska Dept. of Public Safety              

Gunaratnam, Lawrence, National Bureau of Inv., Crime Laboratory                   
Kopina, Michael

Illinois State Police FSC Chicago                  

Kowal, Debra

Los Angeles County Dept. of Coroner        

Lebiedzik, Jozef

ARI Corp. GSR Residue Division    

Levin Nadav

Div. of Identification and Forensic Science DIFS         

Lueftl, Karl

Bayerisches Landeskriminalamt                       

Martinez, Michael

Bexar County Criminal Investigation Laboratory

McVicar, Michael

Centre of Forensic Science, Gov. Ontario 


Niemeyer, Wayne

McCrone Associates, Inc.

Niewöhner, Ludwig

Hanger, Koren

West Virginia State Police Forensic Laboratory
Ross, Peter

Victoria Police Forensic Services Department
Simmons, Rodney

Wyoming State Crime Laboratory

Smith, Jenny

Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Lab

Springer, Faye

Sacramento County District Attorney

Schwoeble, AJ "Skip"

R.J.Lee Group, Inc.
Trimpe, Michael

Hamilton County Coroner's Laboratory
Warman, Geoff

Forensic Science Service
Uhlig, Steffin

QuoData GmbH

White, Thomas

Texas Department of Public Safety - CLS


IWG/SWG Representative


James Garcia




Steffen Uhlig (Germany)

Membership  Committee 


Mike Martinez

Peter Ross

Ludwig Niewöehner

Faye Springer

Jamie Crippin


Electronic Committee


Wayne Niemeyer

Mike Martinez

Jamie Crippin

Former Chair
(2007 - 2012)
Former Chair
(2012- 2014)
Former Vice Chair
(2007 - 2015)
Vice Chair


James Garcia(Chair), Georgia

Karl Lueftl, Germany            

Nadav Levin, Israel             

Jozef Lebiedzik, Colorado


John Giacalone(Chair), Alaska

James Crippin, Colorado

Geoff Warman, England

Debra Kowal, California      


Wayne Niemeyer(Chair), Illinois

Robert Berk, Illinois        

Peter Ross, Australia   

Ludwig Niewöehner, Germany     



Doug DeGaetano(Chair), Virginia

Carol Crowe, Colorado     

Koren Powers, West Virginia

Lawrence Gunaratnam, Finland

Michael Kopina, Illinois




Thomas White(Chair), Texas

Jenny Smith, Missouri

Skip Schwoeble, Pensylvania

John Drugan, Massachusetts

Rodney Simmons, Wyoming



Faye Springer(Chair), California

Mike McVicar, Canada     

Russ Davis, Tennessee

Mike Martinez, Texas    

Mike Trimpe, Ohio



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